Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Friday, September 30, 2016:  One-on-one conferences with instructor.  ANC: Read  Turn in your folder with:  Unit 2 Letter to the Editor, Peer Review, Draft for Peer Review, Two outlines, intro and conclusion previously graded.  Read:  Dively, “Research Proposal” on D2L / SIUOnline.

Wednesday, September 28:  Discuss the Unit 3 prompt.  Be able to announce your topic for Unit 3 and 4 and the thesis of the article that you found.

Monday, September 26, 2014:  Peer Review.  ANC: Read the Unit 3 prompt on the blog, know your general topic for Units 3 and 4 and find another article that relates to that topic.  In your journal, write a paragraph summarizing that article.

Friday September 23, 2014:  Discuss readings, example of letter to editor, and common problems or concerns regarding the Unit 2 Letter to the Editor.

Wednesday, September 21: Workshop in Computer Lab

Monday, September 19: Group work:  Get together with a peer and each of you use your outlines to explain the argument and the major supporting points of  the article that you are responding to in Unit 2.  Then, explain the argument that you will make in response, again, point by point.  Each person should give feedback on the strengths and the weaknesses that they see.  Next, in the same group, agree on what day is the best day of the year (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's, birthday, etc...). Together, draft a thesis statement that argues that this day is the best day of the year. Then, work together to write a body paragraph for that argument using the template handed out in class today.  For next class, we will meet in the Faner 1025 (computer lab.)   Try to have 1 1/2 pages of the text of your letter done.  The peer review for the letter is being pushed back from next Friday to Monday.  On the back of today's handout on paragraphs is an example of a letter to the editor from John Doe. Please hold onto it and read it for class on Friday.

Friday, September 16: Free write.  Discuss Readings.  ANC:  Read Chapter 2 RRW.   Write the outline of the article that you are responding to, the outline of the argument that you will make in response to that, the introductory/first paragraph of your letter to the editor, and summary of the article/editorial you are responding to.

Wednesday, September 14:   Freewrite:  Write your reflection for Unit 1DUE TODAY: YOUR REVIEW, PEER REVIEW, AND PEER REVIEW DRAFT IN CLASS FOLDER. Discuss Readings.  ANC:  Write an outline of the article you are responding to and your own outline of the letter to the editor that you will write.  Read Chapter 2 RRW.  Read AOC 117-21.  Find another article that fits the subject you will write your major paper about.  Write a paragraph summarizing that article in your journal.

Monday, September 12: Free write: Tell me how you feel about the article you have chosen to respond to. Discuss “Writing Letters to the Editor” ANC: Unit 1 Essay, First Draft and Peer review turned in. Group Work.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Example: Article and Letter to Editor in Response:

Obama's Letter to the Editor in Response:

September 9, 2016: Freewrite:  List the criteria that you used to judge your artifact to write your review.  Class handout and discussion.  Writing stronger evidence paragraphs. Discuss Unit 2 prompt.  (1) Read on blog: “Writing Letters to the Editor;(2)Read:  AOC 117-121, "Should We Ditch the Idea of Privacy; (3) Find the article that you would like to respond to in your letter to the editor essay.  Due next Wednesday, Peer Review, Draft for Peer Revie, and Final Essay (all in the class folder), as well as your final essay emailed to

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7, 2016:  Peer Review.  ANC:  Read Unit 2 Prompt.  Also, begin looking for an article that you disagree with, find interesting, and would like to respond to.  Finally, read a couple of letters to the editor that you find in The Daily Egyptian, Southern Illinoisan or other newspaper that is at your disposal. You can look on the internet if you like.  Bring something to class with you that you are interested in on Friday.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Wednesday, September 6, 2016:  Peer Review.

Friday, September 2, 2016:  Freewrite about the article that you read in AOC.  Review readings.  Continue presentation of articles.  Pair with a peer to get feedback on work done thus far on your review.  LAST DAY TO SEE ADVISOR TO DROP AND RECEIVE A FULL REFUND AND NO MARK ON YOUR TRANSCRIPT.  ANC:  Full draft of your review essay for peer review.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016:  Present your article for discussion.  Review readings.  ANC:  Write  1 1/2 pages of your review. Read Chapter 9 in RRW, p 71-84; Read AOC 96-111. FRIDAY IS LAST DAY TO SEE ADVISOR TO DROP AND RECEIVE A FULL REFUND AND NO MARK ON YOUR TRANSCRIPT.

Monday, August 29, 2016:  Freewrite about your item for review and the guideline that you found.  Discuss writing your review. Handout:  Review Guidelines.  ANC: Read Chapter 8 and write a summary of the item that you will write your review on.

Friday, August 26, 2016:  Freewrite (102-014 only:)  Write about the article you read and brought to class today.  Discuss writing reviews. Group activity take notes. ANC:  Choose something to review (movie, tv show, article, book, product, restaurant) and find a "how to" guide for that kind of item on the class blog or on the internet.  After reading through the guide and identifying the criteria you plan to use, watch, read, or try out whatever it is that you will be reviewing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 24, 2016:
Freewrite:  How do you feel about English? Discuss Syllabus and Unit 1 Prompt. ANC: Read Read, Reason and Write, Ch 3.  Find an article that connects to the idea of how media shapes our world and bring it to class. Be ready to tell the class what you found.  Write a paragraph about it in your journal.  Think about what you might want to review for your Unit 1 essay.

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016:  Icebreaker:  Two things about yourself, one true and one false.  Discuss addendum syllabus.  For next class:  Read:Syllabus and Unit 1 Prompt.